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The following are actual patient testimonials. Some have been edited, and certain identifying details were altered to protect privacy.
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alanenglerAbout  6 years ago, I made the decision to consult a doctor about my uneven breasts. For years I felt unattractive and lacked self confidence due to lopsided and sagging breasts.  All I wanted at the time was to look "normal" and this problem was starting to take over my life. My close friend had just had a breast reduction with amazing results and recommended that I go see Dr. Engler. The second I stepped into his office, i knew he was the doctor for me. Dr. Engler and his staff warmly greeted me and took their time answering all my questions..ALOT of questions.  He was extremely professional with a gentle demeanor and put me at ease with all my concerns. After Dr. Engler thoroughly discussed all my options to me,  I decided to have a lift on one side and then have medium size implants put in. I also had some love handles that were bothering me and decided to have liposuction to have those taken care of at the same time. Having both procedures done at the same time was something that concerned me. I was worried about recovery time as well as having to be anesthetized. He was very comforting and put me right at ease with my concerns.
alanenglerAfter the procedure was over, Dr. Engler was there for me every step of the way. He called me everyday and was always available on his cell phone even when the offices were closed. I remember calling him a couple times during odd hours when I got nervous about something, and he was right there to patiently answer my questions and concerns. After my recovery, I visited the offices several times for my follow-ups. The staff was always friendly and made visiting the office a pleasure. Years later, my end results are spectacular! My breasts are very natural looking and exactly what I wanted and I can finally wear the jeans I want without that undesired extra around my hips. He truly not only changed my outside appearance but my inside as well. I have more confidence and feel as if I don't have to hide behind baggy sweatsuits anymore.
alanenglerGiven that Dr. Engler did such a wonderful job 6 years ago, I recently decided to go back for another consultation over another thing that had been bothering me. Over the years, i developed some bags under my eyes. When I walked in the door, it was like no time had passed at all! He was right there to ask me how I was and asked what was new in my life. He even remembered a story that I told him 6 years ago! We caught up for a few minutes and then started to discuss my new concerns. He addressed my options for my eyes and I then decided I was a good candidate for lower blepharoplasty. Basically, removing the fat from my lower lids, and without any stitches! Needless to say, having a surgery around your eyes can be quite terrifying. He dealt very well with my few "freak outs" in the weeks leading up to the surgery. It wasn't an easy thing for me imagine being done to myself, but again, he addressed my concerns, put me at ease and assured me that my eyes would come out wonderful.
alanenglerOnce again, this surgery was AMAZING! He followed up every day with me and continued to make sure I was healing properly. When I called the office to talk to him, they didn't just rush me off the phone. They were very interested in how I was feeling and how my results were coming along. I had one of my final consultations today and he provided me with my before an after pictures upon my request and I have to say that they are BEAUTIFUL! For the first time in years, someone told me today that I looked refreshed and it was one of the greatest compliments! THAT is the exact result that I was looking for.
alanenglerOverall, I have nothing but the best things to say about Dr. Engler. He is a gifted surgeon and an amazing person that I would highly recommend to anyone considering having some work done.
alanenglerAs a woman, wife, and mother, there is something to be said about giving back to yourself once in awhile.  Breast implants are something I knew I wanted, and something I needed (after having my first child), to get my confidence back.  After researching online, asking countless friends their opinions, and finally consulting with Dr. Engler I knew I had made the right decision.  Plastic surgery is a choice, so you want to make sure you choose the best doctor you can find!  Please take the time to read my story below, so you too, can feel totally confident and pleased with your decision.
alanenglerAs a mother of two, I wanted to start my kids out the best I could, so I breast fed both of them.  After I was done breastfeeding my chest was not nearly the size or the stature it once was.  We all know what that means; saggy, stretch-marked boobs that look twice as old as you are!!  After consulting with a few friends that had the surgery I knew this was something that would help me look and feel like I did just a few years ago.
alanenglerI spent hours looking through photos of breast enhancements that looked natural, full and round (which is what I had and wanted back so badly!) and Dr. Engler’s name seemed to be a common occurrence. After finally getting up the courage I e-mailed his office. Much to my surprise I received an e-mail back in less than a day from Dr. Engler himself! I couldn’t believe it, the doctor actually contacting me directly?  I didn’t think that was possible, usually a secretary or assistant is the one you hear from.  This made me feel confident, and very comfortable, like I had made the right choice.
When I arrived at my consultation, (which I was late for, due to a snow storm), Dr. Engler and his staff were warm and welcoming.   I new I wanted to be a full C, so I originally choose size 325cc’s.  During my consultation with Dr. Engler and his very polite nurse they thought I needed a lift and a bigger implant to achieve the result I wanted. We then decided together 400cc’s would give me a better result. Going to the office, which is only two blocks from Central Park in New York City, reassured me once again that this practice was well established and my surgery was going to be a great experience!  In my opinion the key with any surgery is the consultation and this couldn’t have been more thorough.
alanenglerOn the day of surgery I spoke with Dr. Engler (and his receptionist several times in between to make sure everything went as planned.)  I arrived at his office, talked with Dr. Engler some more and off I went to the operating room.  Next thing I new I woke up and was recovering with my new implants!  The next day, Dr. Engler saw me again to see how I was healing.  When he removed my bandages and bra I was amazed at what a saw….perfection, he did just what I wanted!!!   My surgery was on a Thursday, I saw Dr. Engler Friday, and  Saturday because he knew I wanted to get home (I live four hours from NYC) and he wanted to make sure I was feeling well.  A Saturday follow up is unheard of from a doctor right?  Well, not this one! 
My results are simply amazing to say the least! My stretch marks gone! I now have perfectly round perky breasts that look and feel natural!  Choosing the right doctor is the most important part. Choose someone that makes you feel good about yourself that will get back to you immediately, who is friendly, honest, and who has done the surgery many times!  I can’t believe the luck that I had. Not only does Dr. Engler have perfection in performance you couldn’t ask for a nicer man.  I can’t say enough good things about my surgery, recovery and experience with Dr. Engler and his team.  Contact him today and you will be another HAPPY CLIENT
alanenglerFifteen years ago at the age of 39 I had my first liposuction procedure with Dr. Engler with astounding results.   I was approaching the big “40 “ and wanted to look my best.  Despite leading a healthy lifestyle,  eating the right things and exercising regularly, there were areas of my body that did not  improve to the extend I would have liked.   The transformation after the surgery, with an exercise regime, was incredible.  I had a knock-out figure at the age of 40 that was even better then it was at the age 20.   Shortly thereafter, I met my prince and married for the first time at 42 years old. 
After life altering events and the passing of time, I lost the fabulous figure along with my self-confidence.  I could no longer wear clingy sexy clothing and out came the loose fitting and forgiving garments to hide in.    At the age of 54 I decided it was time to visit Dr. Engler again;  I did not like what I was seeing in the mirror.   He was as pleasant and comforting as ever.  He explained that, as good as they procedures are, they are no match for time and gravity. We quickly scheduled “Round 2.”
alanenglerIt has been a mere three weeks since I had my second liposuction procedure and the improvement is great.   People that see me notice a change but cannot put their finger on it.    At this early stage I have already regained my self-assurance and  cannot wait to wear the form-fitting clothes that have been hanging in my closet with the price tags.  The office After-Holiday Party will be in two weeks and I am planning on wearing an outfit that I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing pre-liposuction.
alanenglerDr. Alan Engler is a talented plastic surgeon with hands of a master.  He is caring , patient,  thorough and explains the surgical procedure from beginning to end to the patient in an unhurried manner.  His post-surgical care is also exceptional; he follows-up on the patient’s recovery on a daily basis for at least the first two weeks, and is always available thereafter.   I recommend Dr. Engler with the utmost confidence.
alanenglerFinding a doctor to perform my plastic surgery needs/desires was an overwhelming task before I walked into Dr. Engler’s office!  His staff was warm and welcoming and made this somewhat anxious experience VERY comfortable.
alanenglerHis knowledge, skills and experience well surpass any doctors I’ve met and the proof can be seen from my results.  I had both breast silicon implants and liposuction and I am beyond happy with my results.  I had the normal concerns about looking fake or even worse, something going wrong during the operation!  During my consultation, I shared my concerns with Dr. Engler and he gave me his recommendations, informed me of risks and walked me through the entire process.   Even more astounding, he listened to me and surpassed all my expectations when it came to my results.  “I” was in his best interest and he isn’t consumed in the “glamour of plastic surgery” which inherently can have negative consequences.
alanenglerDr. Engler is a very gifted surgeon and approaches the profession unlike any other doctor I met   His customer care is impeccable from initial consultation to post op follow ups. The manner in which he conducts his business, treats patients and approaches his profession solidifies that he upholds himself to the highest morals, values and standards in the plastic surgery industry.  Not only will he be my plastic surgeon for life when its time for maintenance or upgrades but now I also have a friend for life.  He made me look sexy but yet natural and LOVE who I am and for that I am forever thankful. Search no more when you are in his hands!
I Finally Love my Breasts
alanenglerWhen I began my search for a plastic surgeon to perform a much needed and desired breast lift, I started by listing the characteristics my selected surgeon should possess and came up with the following: 1) passion for his/her work; 2) integrity; 3) expertise; 4) strong interpersonal skills; 5) a strong and professional support team; and 6) a good heart. I was looking for a doctor who would be a skilled medical expert and an artist. These characteristics would serve as my go, no go standard. Is this too much to ask? Since this is my body and my one life I figured it was not.  Fortunately, after two years of consultations with only board certified surgeons from all over New York and New Jersey, I was blessed, lucky, whatever you want to call it to find the doctor who possesses all these characteristics and more.
alanenglerDuring that two-year search I found much of what I did not want and very little of what I did want. There was always something not quite right and I would not settle. As many of you who have had your own plastic surgery journey know, the consultation period can be very expensive and may force one to settle even when that inner voice is saying no. I admit I almost settled! I was going to have the procedure done by a surgeon who did not completely satisfy my criteria. I was tired of the “search” and the cost.
alanenglerThank Mary, Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha because I decided to do one more search for doctor reviews before finalizing a surgery date. I came across a review of a Dr. E. located in New York City that made me think, I want what she had. This Dr. E. sounded like exactly what I was looking for and the review was so heartfelt I knew this woman was honest. I jumped on the phone and was even happier to learn that Dr. E. does not charge a consultation fee! I understand that time is valuable, but feel that if a doctor is confident in his/her work, honest, and tells it straight he/she will not waste his/her or my time. I was relieved that Dr. E.’s office was not another “dog and pony show” because I was so tired of the hard and inauthentic sales pitch.  After all, I know why I’m there, I know what I want and don’t need anyone to convince me, just show me why you are the right doctor for me.
alanenglerMy meeting with Dr. E. was like no other, there was no barrier between us. His support team were warm and professional and not at all solicitous. They did their job and quickly, Dr. E. took over. I really appreciated the efficient and uncomplicated way they conducted business.
alanenglerAfter having two children I wanted to finally have the nice breasts that I always dreamed of. My breasts were in such a sad state that I just wanted anything better than what I had and to come out of the procedure without any short or long term complications. I wanted the best possible outcome for me, but I did not dare hope for more than nice. Dr. E. thoroughly discussed the procedure and what he thought my outcome would be; right from the start he told me that I would be very happy with the result. He seemed genuinely excited about performing the breast lift on me and passionate about his work in general. No other doctor showed passion for his/ her work or discussed what he/she thought my particular results would be. It was more like standard “operating” procedure for all.  Even though I was sure I needed and wanted to get the breast lift, I of course had some concerns and have left previous consultations with panic attacks that left me questioning and doubting myself. Not so with Dr. E., after my consultation I was calm and peaceful, finally sure of my decision to have the breast lift. I knew he would do his best to take care of me medically and do his best aesthetically. I felt that I would be safe and worked on as a work of art. Dr. E. met all of my standards; my search was over.
alanenglerOn the day of surgery, everything went as planned. Dr. E. marked up my breasts with so many lines I was like wow; he explained that he takes this time before surgery to ensure the best possible outcome. Music was playing when I went under and there again when I awoke. The Dr. and his support team seemed so happy and calm before and after surgery and I could not help but feel the same way. It is important that people are happy to do their work and from my prior visits and from the day of surgery I could see that Dr. E. respects and appreciates his support team, which fosters a serene environment, perfect for putting patients at ease.
alanenglerI am 12-days post-op and I feel terrific! To say that I am pleased beyond my wildest dreams is not saying enough. My breasts are perfect. They are full, perky and shaped like sixteen- year old breasts. I know that Dr. E. is the best possible combination of medical expertise and artistry, but damn, I am amazed that my saggy breasts could look like this: taut, firm and so full. I did not have implants, but I look like I have the sexiest implants ever.
alanenglerI have had the best possible recovery. I awoke from the surgery with zero pain and only took one Percocet the day after surgery before I went to my first follow-up. I have not taken any pain medication since the day after surgery, not even a Tylenol. Unbelievable! As for Dr. E’s “bedside” manner and follow-up care, I could not ask for more. He and his team are awesome. His nurse was there when I woke up and stayed with me until I was fully recovered from the anesthesia.  Dr. E. kindly walked me to my escort vehicle and made sure that I was in good hands before I left the surgery suite. He called my recovery help twice a day for the first four days to ensure that I was well and we have his personal cell phone number if we need to reach him.
alanenglerAt each of my follow-up visits and I have had three, starting the day after surgery, the 4th day and the 8th day, Dr. E. continued to show how passionate he is about his work. He is just as pleased and excited as I, if not more. I was willing to take the risk of decreased response in my nipples, but Dr. E. explained that he would use a technique that would mitigate this risk. I am thrilled to say that I lost no feeling in my nipples; in fact we had a good chuckle over just how responsive they are. I have full sensation in my nipples!
alanenglerIf I could have put together the perfect doctor to perform my breast lift, he/she would have been a replica of Dr. E., he is the best and I am fortunate to have found him. I finally love my breasts.
alanenglerI consulted with Dr. Engler to see if he would be able to correct the problems with my previous breast surgery - and the answer is YES. Now I look fabulous, and this is the way I hoped I would look from the start. Within a year of my original surgery I had developed rippling on my right breast, an indentation on my left breast, and had too large a space between my breasts. I was very aware of these issues as they were noticeable both in and out of clothes. Apparently, my surgeon had implanted the wrong implants for my body. A friend told me about Dr. Engler. At first I was hesitant to contact him because I live a little outside New York but then I did, and I have to say that my decision to meet with Dr Engler was definitely the right choice. Dr. Engler spent lots of time with me discussing my options. I met with him THREE times to go over all the choices, including the size of the implant, silicone versus saline, the profile of the implant, the incision, etc. I have three pages full of the implant dimensions and the measurements we made. He also has a great office staff. They are very pleasant and easy to speak with. I scheduled my surgery right after meeting him for the first time. The surgery itself went very well. I had very little pain, and the entire staff did a great job of keeping me comfortable and calm. Dr Engler's post-op communication with me was impeccable. He called me every day and walked me through the entire recovery period. How do I look? Magnificent, if I may say so! I would recommend Dr Engler to any woman who is thinking of having breast augmentation, whether for the first time or to correct what was previously done. Dr. Engler is very honest, straight forward and everything you expect from your surgeon.
Thank you, Dr. Engler.

alanenglerI first heard of Dr. Engler from my sister who had breast augmentation surgery. At the time, my sister was attending New York University, majoring in nursing,  and when she decided to do the surgery she did extensive research on different plastic surgeons who perform the procedure. She chose Dr. Engler because of his impeccable credentials. Little did she know that there was a lot more to Dr. Engler than that. After her surgery, she and I discussed the possibility of me getting a breast augmentation as well. She expressed how caring and compassionate Dr. Engler was and so a couple of years later, remembering what my sister told me, I contacted Dr. Engler for a consultation. I was very nervous because I had two children and was fearful of any surgical procedures. I discussed my fears with Dr. Engler and he quickly put my mind at ease. He was very patient with the thousands of questions I had asked. I also found Dr. Engler to be both encouraging and honest. As I'm sure many woman do, my first instinct was to have huge breasts. However, his suggestions were both honest and on point and the size that we agreed I should have were, in fact, perfect for my body.  Doctor Engler not only looks at you as his patient, but also as his friend. I was not just a chart number to him, I was a human being with fears that he understood. He was very attentive, caring, and accommodating both pre and post surgery. 13 years later I am still very happy with my breasts, so much so that when my eldest daughter decided she wanted breast augmentation surgery, there was no doubt in my mind who that surgeon was going to be. Years later, Dr. Engler and his staff were very welcoming and made me feel like an old friend. My sister trusted him with her life, and I trusted him not only with mine, but my daughter's as well. I am also thinking about doing other cosmetic surgery, and I am looking forward to Doctor Engler’s guidance and ultimate exquisite, results.

alanenglerFor over 25 years, I have devoted my life to educating adolescents and young adults by providing them with the interventions and support that they need to become productive citizens of our society. As a middle school principal, I have driven into my teachers’ consciousness that students must develop a healthy self-esteem to build and maintain a
positive socio–emotional outlook. Students in the middle school setting need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance from their peers and their immediate community. In reflecting on myself and my experience with my own self-image, I have come to realize that my own perception of myself was not healthy. It was not until after I began to accept my own feelings and address them, that I was able to develop my own healthy outlook. I am a person who believes that events and people come into one’s life not as an accident but by divine providence. For so many years, too many to state, I have had severely enlarged breasts. I would go on a diet and I would lose weight in every area except my breasts. As I grew older my breasts became heavier and made it difficult for me to participate in normal activities, such as, sleeping on one’s back, getting out of bed on
the first try, being able to join a gym or become a member of a sports team, etc. Physically, the heaviness of my breasts caused me to experience excruciating back pain and my shoulders suffered from deep bruising. I became sick and tired of being sick and tired. I began researching my options for breast reduction and began talking to friends and friends of friends to see how many had ever experienced or explored the option of
alanenglerIn several conversations, some of my friends whom I knew had breast reduction surgery kept talking about this caring plastic surgeon who has the bed side manner of the doctors from the fifties (who made house visits). I was intrigued and decided to schedule an appointment. The initial consultation was so personable and informative. Dr Engler took his time to get to know me and to understand the reason that I was seeking the
surgery. Looking back, now I realized if Dr. Engler did not think that I was ready for this type of surgery, he probably would not have taken my case.  Dr. Engler explained the process from insurance approval to the actual surgery and gave me two booklets concerning different types of plastic surgeries and pre-actual and post-surgical procedures. The booklets were very comprehensive.         
alanenglerDuring every visit, Dr. Engler took his time to disseminate information and to make sure that I understood. He always allowed time to conduct a “Q & A” session either during the visit or via conference call. When you are a patient of Dr. Engler you have access to him when you need it. My surgery went smoothly and within two days I was up and about. Dr. Engler called me daily for several days to see how I was progressing.       
alanenglerFor the first time in 20 years I am able to get out of bed on the first try and I am looking forward to all the other activities that I will be able to participate in now. At my first meeting, Dr. Engler discussed how breast reduction surgery would be a life changing experience. Yesterday, I looked at myself in the mirror and screamed out. Thank you Dr. Engler!
alanenglerAnyone who is thinking about having breast reduction surgery and is looking for a doctor who enjoys what he does, keeps current with the leading surgical methods and practices, has “old school” bedside manners, has a sense of humor and really cares about his patients, then look no further, contact Dr. A. Engler!

alanenglerI was referred to Dr. Engler by my dermatologist. I’m a 52 year old male and have never had any kind of cosmetic surgery so I was a bit wary of the procedure to begin with. My main concern was that although my sagging eyelids were making me look older and tired, the results of eyelid surgery could actually be worse - leaving me with a stretched and surprised look. I didn’t want to look like a middle aged guy who’d had a bad eye job. Dr. Engler understood my reservations completely and was very assuring. He sent me home with some reading materials and at our next consultation walked me through his plan and the process step by step.      
alanenglerThe operation was quick and painless, and since he was using a local anesthesia, Dr. Engler was able to talk to me during the entire procedure. The surgery and the healing process went exactly as expected and afterwards I was given the doctor’s cell phone number and he followed up with me every day, including over the weekend, to check on my progress. Two weeks later, as promised, I was totally healed. The results were amazing, better than I had imagined. My eyes looked more youthful and rested but still perfectly natural. Though the before and after pictures illustrate a dramatic difference/improvement when I attended a family reunion shortly after my surgery not one person suspected that I had any work done.      
alanenglerIn addition to doing excellent work Dr. Englers office is clean, comfortable and very private. His staff is friendly and professional. It was an excellent experience all the way around.

alanenglerDr. Engler is one of the best doctors I've ever been to, and I’m a health care professional.  From the second you step foot into his office, he and his staff make you feel completely comfortable.  It is normal to feel anxious before going into the consult to discuss insecurities about your body, but Dr. Engler is so easy to talk to and put me right at ease from the beginning.           
alanenglerI went to Dr. Engler for liposuction and could not be happier.  Dr. Engler was happy to answer all my questions, ease my concerns, and go through the surgery in extensive detail.  I considered going to other plastic surgeons, and went for a few
consults, but after meeting with Dr. Engler I knew I wanted him to be the one performing my surgery. He truly cares for his patients, is genuinely nice, and is incredibly easy to talk to.  He made me feel as if I was his most important patient, and no question went unanswered.  The surgery went incredibly well and Dr. Engler was diligent with his
follow-up after the surgery, calling to check in on me constantly.  If I had any questions I would not have hesitated to call Dr. Engler because he is incredibly approachable and eager to ease any concerns I had, but I never had to call him because he called me so often and gave me instructions on a daily basis.        
alanenglerIt has been a few months since my surgery and I am ecstatic with the results.  I would recommend Dr. Engler to anyone who is considering having plastic surgery.  Some doctors can be arrogant get carried away with what they want, but Dr. Engler really listened to everything I said, and understood what I wanted out of the surgery.  From the consultation through the months of follow-up, he and his staff make me feel like I am their most important patient.  I could not be happier or more thankful for the results, and it is all because of Dr. Engler.  I can't say enough good things about Dr. Engler or his staff, and if you are considering any kind of cosmetic surgery he is the best!
Alan M. Engler, MD, FACS - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
122 East 64th Street New York, NY 10065 USA
(212) 308-7000

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